Quick trip to Malmö

Last weekend I had a quick trip to Malmö to see two of my very best friends from the UK 🇬🇧 I booked my train tickets from Göteborg to Malmö early with SJ and the first class tickets were the same price as the second class tickets! In first class you get access to free… Continue reading Quick trip to Malmö


More Gothenburg vegan options

We went to Solrosen in Haga, Gothenburg because it is one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Gothenburg. We tried the lentil soup (ok, but not that tasty, 80SEK) and vegetables in ginger/coconut sauce (nice sauce, 90SEK) with potatoes, and salad buffet. The food was ok, nothing special and I think next time I will… Continue reading More Gothenburg vegan options

Fast vegan food in Gothenburg, Sweden

There is a new fast food fully vegan burger restaurant in Gothenburg, so naturally I had to try it, Goteburgare Vegan (http://www.goteburgare.com/phone/om-oss-vegan---burgare-g%C3%B6teborg---lunch---after-work---bar-och-grill.html). The company also has two other place that are "regular" fast food joints. We tried the double burger with burger sauce (125SEK), mexican chilli burger (125SEK) and sweet potato chips (30SEK). The double burger… Continue reading Fast vegan food in Gothenburg, Sweden

More vegan places in Gothenburg

We tried Pa Kanelen (http://pakanelen.com/) in Saluhallen in the centre of Gothenburg, we tried a falafel wrap and a yoga wrap (bean sprouts, spinach, beetroot, hummus) both were 39SEK, and a raspberry ball (this was amazing! 16SEK) Next we tried Downtown Deli (http://www.downtowndeli.se/) we had a falafel wrap (again) with hummus (again) and both are… Continue reading More vegan places in Gothenburg