My name is Dr Suzy Jones and I have a PhD in Astrophysics from the University of Leicester, UK, and also ISSN Diploma in Applied Sports and Exercise Nutrition (dip.ISSN) and a Certified Sports Nutritionist under the International Society for Sports Nutrition (CISSN).

Over the last 4 years I have lost 50kgs (almost 8stone) from exercising in an effective way (following a programme of weights and cardio) and reducing my food portions, learning to cook and trying to recognise when I full/hungry. It has been difficult and painful at times, and everyday is a learning experience.

Since losing the weight I have run a Tough Mudder (I even managed to run up Everest 2.0), swam open water competitions and completed my first half marathon (time of 2hr14min).

I follow a whole foods plant based diet after reading “How Not To Die” by Dr Michael Greger. I love to travel, which can sometimes clash with healthier eating than fast food. Therefore, I am setting up this blog to help and give advice on how to eat more whole food/plant based at home and travelling, and try to be as science-based as possible.

I suffer from IBS and try to follow a low FODMAP diet, which can be extremely difficult when eating out as a staple for cooking normally includes onions and garlic-a definite FODMAP no-no!

I also am the nutrition advisor for the Elite Gothenburg Squash team and give advice on meal timing, supplements and pre/post competition nutrition.

Interesting astronomy news may also make a feature every now and again!