Pristina, Kosovo vegan travelling

Read my blogpost on vegantravel.com about vegan travelling in Pristina, Kosovo.


Below is a preview of the blog post;

From Skopje we took a bus to Pristina, Kosovo. The bus journey was about 2hr and we got tickets (5euros one way one person) from the bus station counter. The bus was small and not the comfiest but we got to see the landscape and the border crossing into Kosovo was very easy. We stayed on the bus and the border officer came onto the bus and took our passport, and within 20minutes the passport was returned and we were on our way to Pristina.

Pristina surprised me by being busy and full of young people! We had fun walking around and seeing the Newborn statue, Bill Clinton Statue, Orthodox church (which is not finished so we could not go inside), St Saviour church, the funky looking National Library. Also, surprisingly a massive Lego statue! One of my favourite things was to walk down the Mother Teresa blvd and people watch, many groups of older men were walking or sitting and chatting.

We chose to eat at Green and Protein (http://www.greenandprotein.com/) and we were not disappointed, the food was really amazing! We tried the vegan burger, spinach and chickpea wrap, sweet potato salad, carrot cake raw ball, brownie, matcha tea, chocolate smoothie, all this was vegan and in total cost 15euros and labelled very clearly on the menu.

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