Quick trip to Malmö

Last weekend I had a quick trip to Malmö to see two of my very best friends from the UK 🇬🇧

I booked my train tickets from Göteborg to Malmö early with SJ and the first class tickets were the same price as the second class tickets! In first class you get access to free magazines (in Swedish) and coffee/tea/water, and in the morning you get free breakfast. I emailed SJ before to get a vegan breakfast, which included soya yoghurt, coconut cheese, one cherry tomato and pepper, vegan butter, two slices of rye bread, white bread roll. It was ok although I’m not sure I would of paid 65SEK for it!

In Malmö we visited the castle and for 40SEK you get access to the Natural History Museum, beer museum, aquarium, Science Museum, Art Gallery! Definitely worth the money! We also saw the Turning Torso building (although you can’t go up), Town Hall, St Peter’s Church.

We stopped for lunch at Satori and had a soup buffet, all three soups were vegan (broccoli, lentil and tomato) with fresh warm bread, vegan butter, coffee or tea and cake (although I told the waitress I was vegan and had a vegan date and cinnamon ball), for 89SEK it was a bargain!


Of course we had to have coffee and we tried Solde Kaffebar and Kafferosteri, which was really good! We tried Lilla Kafferosteriet, this coffee was good and they had one vegan cake, which I didn’t try as I was so full from my lunch my coat wouldn’t button up!!!



2 thoughts on “Quick trip to Malmö”

  1. I’m currently doing my daily blog hops and came across your place here and am LOVING it! I’m enjoying your travels and vegan findings! Always nice to ‘meet’ fellow veggie bloggers!


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