Kiruna, Swedish Lapland

I got the opportunity to travel to Kiruna in the Swedish Lapland to give a presentation for a conference (Astronomdagarna 2017, Swedish astronomy day). Unfortunately the weather was constant rain and clouds so we did not see any Northern Lights. However, the people in Kiruna are extremely friendly (the ones I met anyways).

We stayed in the Artic Eden hotel (http://www.hotelarcticeden.se/en/) and I was upgraded to a Suite, with a sauna and jacuzzi! The breakfast had some vegan options including Oatley yoghurt, oat milk, soya yoghurt, fresh fruit and oats. Good but not amazing. However, their gym was amazing with lots of different cardio machines, free weights, kettlebells, squat rack, and even a mini climbing wall!

Lunch was catered for in the Institute of Space Physics (IRF) and they provided vegan soups and salad buffet, which were good.

Dinner was at Landströms (http://www.landstroms.net/) and they had an amazing vegan pasta with Oatley cream and mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and roasted vegetables. This place was amazing!

The second dinner was at the Scandic Ferrum (https://www.scandichotels.com/hotels/sweden/kiruna/scandic-ferrum) for the conference dinner, and we had vegan tacos, that were hotter than fire! Then fresh fruit for dessert. I was not overly impressed with the Scandic and would of preferred to go back to Landströms!


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