Fast vegan food in Gothenburg, Sweden

There is a new fast food fully vegan burger restaurant in Gothenburg, so naturally I had to try it, Goteburgare Vegan (http://www.goteburgare.com/phone/om-oss-vegan—burgare-g%C3%B6teborg—lunch—after-work—bar-och-grill.html). The company also has two other place that are “regular” fast food joints. We tried the double burger with burger sauce (125SEK), mexican chilli burger (125SEK) and sweet potato chips (30SEK). The double burger was definitely better than the mexican, and I like the idea of a fully vegan fast food burger place but for me the burgers were too fried for my liking, although my boyfriend liked them!


We tried a fast food glass box called Jonsburgsgrill (http://www.jonsborgsgrill.se/). They sell “regular” burgers and hot dogs, but over 50% of their menu is vegan including burgers, hot dogs, wraps, ice cream. We tried a oumph wrap (79SEK), soya tzatziki plate with mashed potatoes made with Oatley milk (including salad buffet, 94SEK) and soft serve ice cream with chocolate sauce (29SEK). The oumph wrap was amazing, I would definitely recommend that! The soya tzatziki plate was nice, but again the soya sticks were over fried for me, the potato mash was really creamy and gorgeous! The salad buffet did not taste very fresh and we ended up not eating it incase we would get ill! The soft serve ice cream (I assume soya) was really good, but the best thing was the chocolate sauce, first there was a drowning of it and second it tasted like heaven! I will be back for the ice cream!


I tried a vegan chocolate ball from Marley Coffee (https://www.marleycoffee.com/), it cost 15SEK and tasted average at best!


We finally tried the food from Kalei Cafe (http://kaleikaffebar.se/) and it was a lunch buffet of red kidney beans and green pea shoots, cauliflower soup, sourdough bread, rye seeded bread, salad, chilli lentil sauce, salad. Overall it was nice, good and very Swedish food. It cost 125SEK which for me is too expensive for what I got, however, it is a buffet so you can fill up!


Nearby there is Jos, which I do love, and for 98SEK (it can be more depending if you add extras) I would prefer a salad from there than Kalei Cafe. The salad I got was a mix of broccoli, salad leaves, hummus, oump, balsamic vinegar, beetroot salad, and probably a lot more than I can remember! However, this time the oumph was a little overcooked and I only had one choice of the hummus selection.


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