Everyone loves a VeganKök

Two of my friends came over from the UK to Sweden last weekend, and it was full of amazing shop signs (see below picture), amazing Gothenburg and sea views and great vegan food.

One nice place is Böner och Bagel, and there are vegan bagels and some that you can modify. We tried a peanut butter (organic and 100% peanuts, brand is Whole Earth) and orange/elderflower bagel (they had run out of bananas) and a falafel and hummus bagel. They both amazing, but I really loved the orange/elderflower jam-so good!


A fantastic place was Blackbird VeganKök och Bar, they had the best vegan food I have ever tasted! We tried a tempeh bowl-where I changed the brown rice for seed crackers (less arsenic-see Dr Michael Greger for details https://nutritionfacts.org/), and seitan with mashed potatoes. For dessert we had a peanut butter and chocolate ice cream bar, and a danish pastry with rhubarb cream-nice but I could of eaten 10 of them!


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