Sunshine Blogger Awards

Welshinsweden (https://welshinsweden.wordpress.com/) has nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Awards, and below I have taken from her nominee’s website (Charlieestar https://charlieestar.wordpress.com/) the rules;

‘Before I start I’ll explain a little as I was pretty confused at first. Blogger awards are like a tag that gets past around the blogging community and if you get nominated you now have that award. I suppose there kind of like a virtual sticker collection. I think it’s a cute way to share some love and get to know each other a little better.

Here are the rules:


My questions:

If you made another blog, apart from the one you currently have. What would you write about and why?

I would probably make it a fitness blog because I love fitness and nutrition, and this blog is more about nutrition and travelling, so my other passion/blog would be fitness and maybe travelling.

Whats your favourite photo you’ve uploaded and why? If you have never shared a photo, why not?

My favourite photo was the taken in Iceland, because the scenery is so beautiful

What is your favourite part about having a blog?

Being able to share my tips on vegan food when travelling.

What do you like to do when you’re not blogging?

Seeing my friends and trying brunch places, reading, walking, going to the gym, visiting family, travelling the world.

Your blog may be what you want to write about, but what kind of blogs do you like to read about?

Nutrition, travelling, vegan, fitness, fashion.


I nominate;

  1. vegebrarian
  2. peverilblog
  3. fromtwentyseven
  4. lithuanianintheusa


My questions are;

  1. What is your favourite blog post?
  2. Why did you start your blog?
  3. Do you have any holidays planned for this year?
  4. What was your best holiday destination?
  5. Where is your dream location to travel?

Enjoy 🙂

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