Rome-“No leather…..but you eat meat, right?!”

Rome is relatively easy to eat vegan food, you may get weird looks, rolling of eyes, and asked “but surely you eat eggs or cheese?!” Or in one case when I went into a shoe shop and asked if they had any shoes without leather, and I received a reply saying “No leather….but you eat meat, right?!”!

There are vegan gelato shops, and in the normal ice cream shops there are normally a few flavours of soya ice cream!

Ice Cream

We tried Fatamorgana, they have a few shops around Rome. They have strange flavours like chocolate and tobacco (not vegan) so I definitely wanted to try them! I had a chocolate one and a hazelnut and myrtle, which were both nice, the chocolate one was nicer and I have had better soya ice cream (see below).


UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1f6eThe next place we tried had 6 different soya flavours, and the nut one was the best ice cream, it was amazing, and the pistachio was ok but not as tasty, the place was called Il Gelatone

Il Gelatone

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1fdb.jpgWe also tried Grezzo a raw vegan chocolate shop, and even though it was slightly pricey, it was worth it. We had chocolate 70% ice cream, and a hazelnut and chocolate ice cream, raw chocolate brownie and a 80% chocolate truffle-amazing!

Grezzo Raw Chocolate


I was recommended to try the Termini Station Il Mercato Centrale Roma, and to try the pizza and bread from the famous (in Italy) chef Gabriele Bonci at Il Pane e i Dolci. The pizza was really good, we tried a tomato and spinach one (I dream about this one), and an avocado and potato one (ok). We also tried the artichokes alla romana, which were also very good. I would recommend this place because there are many stores and different things to try. We also tried the vegan bean burgers from another shop and these were really good (just opposite this baker/pizza place).

Mercato Centrale Roma


Another great place was Aromaticus, we were really hungry by the time we got here, so either the burgers tasted amazing because there were great or because we could of eaten bark and of been happy! The bean burgers were gorgeous, and the place is very relaxed and chilled, with plants on the table and a play area for children!



The next place we found from HappyCow and was called Ecru. We had the breakfast option and for ‎16 was not too bad! We had coffee, hazelnut milk hot chocolate (yummy), homemade bread with hummus and vegetables, cashew yoghurt with muesli. We also had raw heart-shaped chocolates. This place was good, slightly hard to find, but quiet and nice inside!


2 thoughts on “Rome-“No leather…..but you eat meat, right?!””

  1. We recently used HappyCow to eat our way around Nice. I’m eternally grateful to everyone who uploads reviews, photos etc as I’m starting to rely on the app more and more.


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