Padua, Italy

Slightly tricker to eat vegan in smaller Padua compared to Rome, and possibly more eye rolling too!!

Two good places were

  1. Gourmetteria that had vegan options including courgette pasta (this was really good, although cold!) and vegan burgers (my friend took this, and it was huge with potentially charcoal black bread!!).



2. Gabin Gusto Esclamativo, they had amazing stools with cork seats! They do not have vegan options on the menu (including the pizza that has milk in it), but I ordered a warm salad with artichokes, tomato puree, pumpkin cream (vegan) but without the cheese. I ordered an extra salad which I thought would be free to compensate for the no cheese in my salad but this was not the case, and my lunch was €21! It was tasty food though!

Gabin Gusto Esclamativo


I went to another restaurant and even though they did not have vegan food, I saw that they had a buffet with vegetables, so I got them to make up a plate full of vegetables that I picked-it worked and was really tasty!


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