Being vegan in Naples is achievable, because you are most likely going to Naples for the best pizza of your life (I am not exaggerating it is the best pizza of my life). Every place will serve a vegan pizza called Marinara (tomato, garlic and basil or something similar), or you can order a grilled vegetable and cheese pizza, and order without cheese-you may get weird looks though.

The last time I went to Naples I went to

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

and had a Marinara (they have one with tomato or one with cheese-simple) and these pizzas are incredible!

This time I went to

Dal Presidente Pizzeria

and had a Marinara. It was really good and on par with Da Michele! The pizza below costs about €5


The next place was

Di Matteo

Again I had Marinara, and while it was good pizza it was not as good as the other two places! The base and crust were not as soft, also when we were waiting for the pizza we saw one of the chefs smoking over the pizzas! But the pizza was €2.50!



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