Pronunciation problems and poo-coffee

One tip pronounce Oumph like “omf” and not as “ompha” (like Umpa-Lumpa)! People will give you weird looks and laugh at you!

I have found a great restaurant/cafe in Gothenburg called Jos ( I had breakfast with my girlfriends on Saturday in their Domkyrkan cafe, and on Sunday with Alex in their Avenyn cafe. As luck would have it I was recognised on Sunday by someone who worked at both!!

I had an amazing peanut butter, oat milk, berry bowl on Saturday and Da Matteo coffee ( (my favourite coffee in Gothenburg and they have just won Swedish coffee awards). On Sunday I had a massive salad with BBQ tofu, chilli broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, and as much salad as possible with a sesame seed dressing! Yummy!

On Saturday I got to try Kopi Luwak from Alex’s Dad, it is the world’s most expensive coffee produced from the coffee beans which have been digested by Indonesian animal called civet. Basically coffee bean poo, it tasted ok, no poo flavour to my surprise! I don’t think I would ever buy this because it is really expensive but I am glad I tried it (I think)!



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