Not that type of cupping…………

But cupping from my massage therapist! I was very unsure of what would happen and more to the point how much pain I would be in! However, my masseuse said it would not hurt too much (that didn’t help) and before I knew it she had the cups on me.

At first it didn’t feel much different to her hands or elbows but then she turned up the level to 4 out of 9 (seriously who could take 9!!!) and it was definitely more pressure! I could withstand the pressure but it wasn’t the most pleasant thing I have done whilst lying down.

My back was incredibly bruised and painful for the next couple of days, and whilst my back does feel better, it feels the same after a normal Swedish massage!

My verdict is I would try it again to see if it can help with my tension spots in my back, but maybe not in the immediate future!


Cupping bruises! 

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